Management at Colourtex is fully committed to Environment.

Colourtex very well recognize and understand that although we produce eco-friendly products using environmentally safe process, it does have an impact on the environment during manufacture, use and disposal and we are committed to minimizing their impact throughout their life cycle by pursuing best environmental management practices.

Colourtex, therefore has developed and implemented an active environmental management program at all production plants as well as TSDF site. All the manufacturing plants and TSDF sites are certified for ISO 14001:2015.

In the past two decades most of the major investments have gone in to strengthening infrastructure of the company promoting Environment Management Program.

Colourtex has developed in-house capabilities to handle all kind of waste generated from the manufacturing process by installing adequate capacity of Waste water Treatment Plant, waste gas scrubbing systems, liquid and solid waste incinerators.

Further Colourtex is also a member of Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) of the Pandesara Industrial zone.

Colourtex is the first dyestuff company to develop its own government approved TSDF site as per the guidelines provided by Central Pollution Control Board of India.